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8 thoughts on “The Dangers of Fiscal Policy

  1. Can anyone answer this?
    You (and many others) keep talking of high debt and some day something dangerous is going to happen. Well, under Reagan we had an 800 billion dollar deficit  we are at 4 Trillion. We already have a high deficit. Nothing has happened. If I were to believe your analysis, something should have happened long ago. Nothing (like run away inflation) has happened as we continue to add debt. I think there is something wrong with your models or analysis. Why has your train of thought (like so many others) been so wrong for so long? If you were right, something should have broken down a long time ago. The financial crisis was a property speculation bubble and the increase in debt fixed the economy. High debt doesn't seem to matter. We are not on the gold standard. Can you have a debate with someone who has the opposite view of yours? High debt just doesn't seem to matter. Why? I made corrections to my miss use of deficit and debt … but the argument is still valid. Where is the inflation? The Government debt (and Government deficit spending) just doesn't seem to matter …. in the USA or China or …

  2. It seems that fiscal policy shouldn't even be expected to follow sound economics. Politics is mostly irrational with emotional fervor surrounding all sides. Either it's driven by fear due to military or social protectionism. Talking about budgets and savings sounds austere

  3. Argentina and mexico and thailand and indonesia do not suffer sovereign debt defaults. Unless they borrow in a foreign currency. Greece is stuck in a Euro, it has no sovereign currency. For a sovereign USA, it's had a depression/recession EVERYTIME it paid down its debt.

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