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18 thoughts on “President Trump Leads a Strategic and Policy CEO Discussion

  1. Paren de matar personas inocentes. En Siria muchos niños mueren por culpa de ustedes que se creen los Superheroes y lo unico que son y han formado, es una nación hambrienta de petroleo y tierras que no les corresponden. Terroristas de mieda.

  2. President Trump, May God Bless you, your cabinet and families during all the tough decisions you will make. Please stand firm on your pledges to your base. Remember the swamp can taint and suck you in if you let it. Dealbreakers include allowing refugees in- we have enough, they are truly now changing America's culture and this was never to be allowed! Border Wall a must, Obamacare Repeal and Replace, a must. Remember those rioting and having the time all day to tweet, are the very ones that would have been in every government position had we lost to Killiary in November. So now cleaning out the bad ideology of ISIS sympathizers and refugee and illegal alien supporters left in offices including judges must be a priority. As well as making sure no more members of the Republican Party are pulled to take a chance for any democrat to replace them. This was and is concerning for the special elections to replace those. If you think they will lose the race, it would be worth removing them from the cabinet and putting them back as senator or congressmen. We can't lost the house senate or congress during this time. As for the Rino's, that are bought by lobbyist like Paul Ryan, any member not supporting you 100% has lied to America that voted you in office! They are showing lack of loyalty to us when they are not 100% on board with you. We can't have those wings in office and will take care of that in 2018! First, get the illegal voters and aliens out, they are banking on those people to steal elections. I don't believe Russia hacked anything. Sad your being criticized for what you know is right, to get along with Putin and China. They are jealous of the new leadership and the fact that your fresh eyes have allowed changes like no other President in the positive of relationships with heads of other states and countries. Stand firm on this. Arrest those that have committed crimes, no matter how big and bad it is. No doubt the espionage with Obama Hillary Soros and slush funds is huge. Eric Holder should not still have a right to practice law! Thank you!

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