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25 thoughts on “Jack Stamp — Why Music Matters

  1. My grades in HS were average, but the only reason I enjoyed going to school was band. We were always being challenged in different aspects of artistry and I thank my band director for the direction he took in teaching us. We also did Gavorkna Fanfare my senior year, still one of my favorite pieces of music for band. Thanks a lot Jack Stamp for letting the world know how important music is in education. It seems like performing art clubs are slowly being killed to promote athletic clubs which is sad. My alma mater's band was huge when I was still there, now the band barely has 20 people. Truly sad to see.

  2. I have seen a couple TV commercials from NAMM encouraging people to play
    musical instruments. I'm happy to know that I am not the only person in
    the world who has noticed that musical instruments and instrumental
    music are dying a miserable death. The sad fact is that these
    commercials will not make any difference. Music educators are the only
    people in a position to make a difference and prevent the extinction of
    musical instruments. Unfortunately music educators do not care if
    instrumental music dies 10 or 20 or 50 years from now. All they care
    about is what score their ensemble gets at the next festival.

  3. This is a great video. Every student in every school music ensemble should see it. Unfortunately few, if any, have. This is because music educators don't receive plaques or trophies or respect or admiration from their peers for teaching their students the importance of music education. Music educators do not directly benefit from teaching their students the importance of music education. When those students become adults, they will not support music education. That is why music education is dying.

  4. Excellent video!  Music is so important to life in itself and the world.  We can never lose music in our lives.  If we take out music and art out of our schools, we stifle the world and it's talent to become artists.  It is about growing with your God given talents to make the world a better place and to bring each person to their highest good.  Thank you for making this video.

  5. I wish it wasn't always about INSTRUMENTAL MUSIC!!  Choir is equally as important. It takes just as much effort to learn how to sing properly as to learn an instrument you hold in your hands. The difference in vocal music is I can't push a set of keys or a slide to produce a note. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, as a vocalist, MUSIC MATTERS ON BOTH SIDES OF THE HALL…

  6. Music demands Artistry, Artistry and exceeding  Artistry. One can play all the right notes to perfection yet  if there is no artistry it means very little but a sequence of correct notes played in time.

  7. Our daughter LOVES band/music & she had her first high school band concert the other nite & it was amazing!! Keep music in our schools. Our son also plays in band in the middle school, coming into HS next year & they both do very well academically.

  8. I joined band when I was 12. I can confidently say that music changes everything about you; it affects your grades, your work ethics, your patience… A lot of the self-growth I've experienced correlates directly to my time in band. I can't even begin to imagine what kind of person I would be today if it weren't for band. Without the music program, I would've missed out on what I consider to be the most important thing in my life. Please don't take music out of schools!

  9. I recently watched a youtube video in which the Alexis I Dupont H.S. Band Director Paul Parets said "There are several hundred trophies here on the walls. The nice thing is every one of them is a first place." This is a great example of what is wrong with music education and why it is dying. Music "educators" are so obsessed with winning that they are not teaching appreciation for music to their students. When those students become adults, they do not support music education and programs die.

  10. music is the most important thing in my life, it was music that led me to the high school i went to for 2 years, but because of district stupidity, ruining the marching band, i left that school and am now at a different DISTRICT for their music. it is sad i had to make that choice.

  11. This is a great video. All students in school music ensembles should see this. I bet few, if any, have. Music "educators" do not want to waste any rehearsal time teaching the value of music education to their students. Music "educators" don't receive any plaques or trophies or admiration from their peers for teaching the value of music education to their students. When those students become adults, they do not support music education, and music education dies…because of selfish "educators".

  12. I lost it at the 94-95% xD I love band. I would end up dropping out if band was taken away from the curriculum because its the only thing that motivates me to try. I'm not the fastest person when it comes to school and ability to learn on a fast rate is really bad. It takes a lot of effort for me to learn math and English and history but because band boosted my ability to memorise divide and really get my brain working I'm able to get through the classes by using my band skills

  13. Where would I be without being in band? Not in my career today. Not teaching the very thing I fell in love with. And without the opportunity to play in places like Los Angeles, Orlando, New York City, Washington D.C. and San Diego. That isn't counting the places I had the opportunity to perform with through drum corps. Music really does give opportunities to people that have few and it is heart wrenching to see programs being cut.

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