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30 thoughts on “Blockhead — The Music Scene

  1. This music video makes me think of some sentient artificial intelligence that exists in a world where all life has gone extinct. These images are it remembering the world or something. Weird idea and probably incorrect but that's what I think when I watch it.

    Edit: this isn't my interpretation of the meaning of the video. It's just some story I made up about it that I felt fit well

  2. FYI VIEWERS: There is a video where this is explained in detail what it all means. Look up something to the extent of "Music Scene Blockhead Explained". It's about a 10 minute video if I remember.

  3. Inspired a series of drawings and psychedelic nights for me, same with some of Tame Impalas stuff like Feels Like We Only Go Backwards. I have an entire playlist with music and videos like this I need to edit and make public.

  4. Wow. I first watched this back when I was in high school and stoned out of my mind. I remember thinking it was the trippiest animation ever. Glad to have accidentally stumble upon it again.

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