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Santa Hat Pretzels

Learn how to make Santa hats from pretzels! These are super easy, inexpensive and relatively quick. Perfect addition to your holiday treat platter!

What you’ll need:
mini twist pretzels
almond bark
red sanding or decorating sugar
mini marshmallows

In a small bowl, melt almond bark by microwaving for 30 seconds. Stir and heat an additional 15 seconds. Repeat with 15 second intervals until bark is melted.
Dip each pretzel into the bark, sideways, leaving one end uncovered, shaking excess off. Place onto waxed paper until cooled and firm.
Meanwhile, cut mini marshmallows in half across the middle. Set aside.
Dip each pretzel again, shaking excess off and place onto waxed paper again, placing the previously back side up. Let cool.
Dip again leaving 1/4″ of the previous dips exposed and shake excess bark off. Dip into a bowl filled with sanding sugar. Again, place onto waxed paper and place a halved mini marshmallow on the point to create the ball on the end of Santa’s hat. Let cool. Store in an airtight container. Enjoy!

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