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Fall Maple Leaf Sugar Cookies!

Learn how to decorate these autumn maple leaves! Make a whole pile of them and dive right in! 😉 Make these for Thanksgiving and be the talk of the get together! They may look super complicated but don’t let them fool you. They are super easy to make! You can change up the colors and add brown and green if you so choose and use the colors in any combination you wish.

What you’ll need:
-rolled sugar cookies cut out in the shape of maple leaves (I used R&M cookie cutter RM-1285). See how I made them here:
-royal icing in red, orange and yellow. (color recipes below) See how I make it here: (coming soon)
-parchment cones or piping bags with #3 tips. See how I make parchment cones here: (coming soon)

Color recipes:

red – 1 cup icing w/ 6 drops Americolor super red, 2 drops Americolor warm brown and 1 drop Americolor leaf green
orange -3/4 cup icing w/ 2 drops Americolor orange, 2 drops Americolor lemon yellow, 1 drop Americolor warm brown
yellow – 3/4 cup icing w/ 3 drops Americolor lemon yellow w/ a spoonful of orange icing mixed in to warm it up and tone down the brightness

Music by Kevin MacLeod (

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